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Semi Gantry EOT Cranes

Semi Gantry EOT Cranes

Semi-goliath / gantry cranes offers more lift and move capabilities that allow load to be transmitted from one area to another.
Detailed Description

Features :-

  • The semi-gantry is the combination of EOT and Gantry Crane.
  • Main girder is attached to end carriage on one side and support leg on the other side.
  • Load lifting capacity – upto 12.5 Ton.
  • Span of the girder – upto 12m.
  • Suitable for high load applications.
  • Main girder made up of standard I section or Box section for heavy lifting applications.
  • Easy and precise control of the crane’s working with the help of control pendant.
  • Long travel and Cross travel motion – Manual and powered.
  • Anti-collision devices are provided for safe and reliable operations.
  • Maximum approach with minimum floor space.
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